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Les Bonnes Fees is up and running, for those who haven't yet seen it. We're very proud of our first issue, and I have to say thanks to Joe, here, too, for pulling all the odds and ends together, fixing my final edits, and more, while I was stuck on a tarmac in Phoenix.

Our authors will be taking questions and generally chatting, too, so I hope you'll post comments, questions, & more.

Cinderella Film Meme

I've been seeing memes all over lately; here's a fairy tale one, born of my inner geek-osity.

Mark the Cinderella films you've seen. Can you think of any others? (particularly modern ones, as I'm not really up on the zeitgeist) Most of these are very clear Cinderella stories, though some (think Mansfield Park) have only a few Cinderella elements--I think memes are more interesting when they're not overly strict.

Unless noted, any version of a film will do, though feel free to note the year and/or details of the film you're referring to. And, of course, pass it around!

[  ] Pretty Woman

[  ] Enchanted

[  ] Ever After

[  ] Ella Enchanted

[  ]  Cinderella (Disney feature film)

[  ]  The Glass Slipper

[  ] Hello Kitty's Cinderella

[  ] If the Shoe Fits

[  ] Happily N'Ever After
[  ] First Love (1939)

[  ] Cinderfella

[  ] Poor Cinderella (with Betty Boop)

[  ] The Princess Diaries

[  ] Mansfield Park

[  ] Three Nuts for Cinderella (also known as Three Wishes for Cinderella)

[  ] La Cenerentola (UK, 1981)

[  ] Aschenputtel

[  ] Cendrillion (1899, also known as Cinderella)

[  ] Ashpet, an American Cinderella

[  ] The Slipper and the Rose

[  ] The Glass Slipper

[  ] A Cinderella Story

[  ] A Little Princess

[  ] Breakfast at Tiffany's

[  ] Never Been Kissed

[  ] Sabrina

[  ] Roman Holiday

[  ] The Princess Bride

Suggested Additions:

[  ] Cinderella (BBC) - thanks to king_laugh.



I'm one of the new maintainers/aka "mods" and just wanted to say hi!

It's very exciting to be part of this project and I'm looking forward to seeing your posts about the les_bonnes_fees e-zine!

Till next time!

~ Roo


Cover Preview

Our cover artist, Rima, has posted a bit about some wonderful looking magazines, along with a note about her work for Les Bonnes Fees -- including a picture of the cover-in-progress! Check it out at her page, Into The Hermitage, and post to let us know what you think!



I think I've correctly syndicated our Wordpress feed here, so it should be good to go the next time we post to the blog. If anyone has trouble accessing said feed, let me know, and I'll muddle my way through fixing it.


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