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les_bonnes_fees's Journal

Les Bonnes Fees
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A place to keep up to date on Les Bonnes Fees, swap news, ask questions, and talk about fairy tales.
Les Bonnes Fees is a bi-monthly e-Zine for fairy tales, folklore, and everything in between...

Les Bonnes Fees is a project that has grown out of our love of fairy tales, starting as a personal page filled with fairy tales and fairy tale commentaries. After some time, though, it became apparent that that there are few fairy tale sites and magazines for the casual reader; Les Bonnes Fees is our attempt to help fill this gap.

We publish new fiction, retellings, art, poetry, and non-fiction relating to our overall theme.

We are not folklorists, but rather interested persons with a love of fairy tales. All interpretations and fairy tale tellings printed here are our own, unless otherwise noted.
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